Some moments in the life of Anna...

Mmm, large latte... ...makes my day!
Helene and I get ready to party in Vadstena (Sweden) Partying in London can be fun, too... Mia would readily agree as we get ready to hit Stringfellow's. Aah, la bella Italia - Venice, to be exact!
Mallorca isn't bad either. (Bugger off, I'm trying to get a tan!) And wow, the Hagar Qim temple on Malta. Stonehenge, eat your heart out!
On the other hand, no one beats the Egyptians when it comes to building in stone! This is Abu Simbel, the big guy is Ramses II and the tiny white dot below him is me. Phew! After that experience, a camel ride on the west bank of the Nile seemed like a good way to come back down to earth.
Only to be totally blown away again at Giza - if you haven't seen this, book your ticket now!!! Yes, it really is as impressive as you might think - more so! Even the guide, who'd worked here for 16 years, continued to be impressed.
Back in Sweden - they say there's no place like home, and Mic and Mia's daughters seem to agree, but travel sure is one of the ultimate joys in life!
There are fascinating meetings and dialogues to be had at home, too - like with Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, for instance.
Sharing a stage with Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch (and he's a tall bugger, too!) in front of nearly 1000 people is an experience... ...especially since he was the one introducing me, rather than the other way around - unreal, and a little embarrassing! But I do feel a bit less dwarfed now that he's sitting down back there!


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