Personal facts, fictions and delusions

Did you notice my fat cheeks in the photo section? They've always caused me a lot of grief, I must say. I once had a boyfriend with similarly proportioned facial features, and everyone called us Chip 'n' Dale. Once, I'd been cast for a children's musical, and the director had never seen any of us, he'd cast us from our photos. At the first rehearsal he called "Anna Southerington", I said "here", and watched his eyes pop out of his skull. He had cast me as the fat Lucinda who never stopped eating pastries, and in front of him stood a 105 lb slip of a girl who just happened to have fat cheeks. The costume department suddenly got very busy rounding up pillows and hip rolls to stuff my dress with.

TV shows
I adore Ally McBeal! Ally herself is some sort of weird conglomerate of myself and my oldest friend, Helene - clone us into one person á la The Fly and we're Ally. The whole show is filled with these quirky, wonderful people who make no excuses for being themselves. Then there's Star Trek - all of them except Deep Space 9. Star Trek really appeals to my sense of curiosity about life and the universe and my belief in the resilience of the human spirit, to my adventurelust and urge for exploration. The X-files? Absolutely, for many of the same reasons. The unknown and the unexplained fascinate me. The West Wing, The Practice, The District and British comedy series Goodness Gracious Me are some other favorites. Soaps? No way! Badly written, badly directed, badly acted, and based on every stupid cliché known to mankind.

Fantasy! I love mythology in all its guises, whether it be actual ancient mythology recorded by our long dead ancestors, or the mythological worlds created today by modern fantasy authors. I'm especially fond of Arthurian lore, both medieval and contemporary.

And now for something completely different, nudge nudge, say no more! How did the world survive before Monty Python? And Blackadder and Fawlty Towers. There's also an "old" British show called "Beyond the fringe" (with Peter Cook, among others) that contained some absolutely hysterical material - if you can find it, check it out! Humor that is absurd, unpredictable, or contains uncommonly sharp wit or repartee appeals enormously to me!

Yes, constantly. I have a 24-hour video store a few blocks from my house, which also happens to have really good prices (thank God), and I'm one of their best customers. I'm in there all the time, at all hours of the day or night. Some favorites in the past few years have been: The Diary of Bridget Jones, The Mummy Returns (and The Mummy), The Man Who Cried, The Cell, The Sixth Sense, The Matrix, Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love, An Ideal Husband, City of Angels, Les Misèrables... And I can't wait for The Lords of the Ring! I also collect the animated Disneys on video - I adore them!

Food and drink
Red hot! Medium- and fullbodied red wines from South Africa, South America, Spain or Italy. Hot and spicy Indian, Thai, Spanish or Italian food, preferrably with lots of garlic. Yum!

The spiritual side of life
Conventional organized religion, no. There are a lot of truths and good things in the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Ghita etc, and I've studied and will always honor all of them. However, they all leave me personally with the sense that that's not all there is to it, that there is more to know and understand, that there is no one religion that conveys or even can convey it all, that dogma and doctrine spring out of a distortion of the original intent and message of the spiritual teachings in question, that one's relationship with the spiritual source doesn't require middle men such as priests, ministers, imams, yogis etc. One book sums up all of my own beliefs and truths - Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God. Everything I've come to view as my own spiritual truths over many years of study of hundreds of different sources, and over many years of reflection and meditation, is there, in a nutshell. Imagine my surprise when I found all of my own beliefs and truths in one single book - I was both stunned and overjoyed. So now, Sanna Carlsson and I run the CWG Center of Stockholm, complete with web community and webzine.
Have a look if you want to know more!

Helene Carenborn, Micke Wiberg, RoseMarie Andersson, Gunnar Michaeli and Mia Hertler, Anders Tengner and Agneta Ivarsson, Mats Tengner, Lena Brandt, Magnus Michaeli, Karin Olsson, Karin Winkler, Camilla Waltin, Lydia Duprat, Glenn Omans, Beth Briggs, Lisa Carr Hogarth, Sanna Carlsson, Calle Rehbinder and Jennie, all my CWG friends... what can I say? Not one of you is even remotely sane, and I love you for it!

Mom: Helene Wikström (bank employee)
Dad and stepmom: Frank and Terry Southerington (college professors, directors, actors)
Siblings: Tom (attorney), Paul (computer genius), Jennifer (anime artist) and Margaret (gymnast and budding actress) Southerington
Grandparents: Rune and Kerstin Wikström, Frank and Muriel Southerington
Aunts and uncles: Katrin Stern, Örjan Wikström, Peter and Margaret Andrews
Cousins: Julian Andrews, Pauline Warner, Kristian and Fredrik Stern


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